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High Power 1300Mbps Outdoor Wifi Repeater Wireless WIFI Router/AP/Repeater CPE 5G Dual Band LAN WAN RJ45 Port 48V POE Power


Technology to Life

The CF-WA350 is designed to solve the problem of outdoor long-distance transmission signals. With directional dual-polarized antennas and a powerful transmit power of up to 500mW, multiple users can simultaneously connect online.
To Withstand harsh climates
The CF-WA350 has an IP67-rated weatherproof enclosure to ensure continuous operation in harsh outdoor environments or in extremely cold, hot or humid environments.
Easy Installation Witht POE
By combing your power and data connection into a single cable, PoE simplifies the setup of the High power Outdoor WiFi Access Point/Bridge.allow you to install theCF-WA350 in hard to reach location without worrying about running both power and Ethernet cables.

• High power 500mW and long-range coverage

• 48V PoE  supports for flexible deployment and allows the device to be reset remotely. 
• Weatherproof IP67-rated housing resists harsh climates.
• Supports AP, Router, Repeater as operation modes. In the mode of AP, it provides Access Point, Client, Client Repeater modes for wireless solutions.